What the Font?

Gone are the days of that dusty old chalkboard, the OHP or even writing the information that you want the students to take down on the whiteboard that no one can ever seem to clean properly.

With the advancement of technology, I very rarely write on the board these days. What I love to do when planning lessons is pre-empt what information students will need and provide it to them at the outset via a hand out and a supplementary presentation. There is one thing that I am obsessed with (okay there may be a few), FONTS! It is very important to me to provide students with a range of eye-catching resource and a surefire way of doing this is by having a range of fonts in my arsenal. Over the years, I have collected a range of Fonts to the point that my storage is bursting at the seams. However, I am sure there is a saying 'a teacher can never have too many fonts'...who is with me?

If you would like to know where we source most of our fonts, head on over to DesignCuts. There is there is a font for every occasion in this font bundle, which is super good value!! Grab it while you can.

Alternatively, if you are only looking for a single font there are plenty of fonts to choose from these.

Happy educating!