Religious Education - This is a whole year of RE!! It includes…

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Christianity - Over 9 Hours of Content

o Introduction To Christianity

o History of Christianity

o Christian Denominations

o The Trinity

o Jesus

o Sin & Temptation

o Death of Jesus

o Miracle Timer

o Christianity Vocabulary Booklet.

Hinduism Over 8 Hours of Content

o Hindu Life

o Trimurti

o Gods & Goddesses

o Ganesh

o Rama & Sita

o Arranged Marriages

o Hindu Wedding Ceremony

o Religious Festivals

o Diwali

o Hinduism Vocabulary Display

Judaism -Over 8 Hours of Content

o Intro to Judaism

o God

o Abraham

o Moses & The Exodus

o The Mitzvot

o Jewish Diversity

o Jewish Afterlife

Religious Festivals - Over 8 Hours of Content

o Religious Festivals

o The Nativity

o Has Christmas Lost it’s Meaning?

o Sin & Temptation

o Easter

o Last week of Jesus Life & Church Celebrations

o Rama & Sita

o Diwali


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1 Year of RE Bundle 2