This is an introductory lesson to marriages within the Hindu tradition.

By the end of this lesson pupils will be able to discuss the benefits and challenges of arranged marriages.

This resource pack contains: A PPT (24 slides) and handouts (4 sheets) .

Activities include:

Bell Task: Thinking Skills question
Starter Task: Design a profile age for your ideal partner.

Think Pair Share on arranged Marriage

Pupils are introduced to the concept of arranged marriage within Hinduism
A task on divorce rates in various countries around the world and what significance these stats have in relation to arranged marriage.

A sort task based on the possible advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages.

A link to a youtube clip on arranged marriage.

Pupils will then be split into pairs and one partner will have to write a persuasive speech on the benefits and the other the negatives of arranged marriage.

Plenary (Exit task) : Pupils can be selected to deliver their speech.

Arranged marriages Hinduism


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