Energy : Energy Transfer  
This is a lesson teaching pupils the different types of energy transfer and the conservation of energy.  
It is suggested that you include a practical such as the screaming jelly baby or the custard powder with Bunsen burner experiment. A you tube link for both of these is included within the energy transfer PPT should you wish to show the pupils without conducting the experiment yourself.  
This Energy transfer resource pack contains: A PPT (14 slides) and handouts (2 sheets) .  
Included in this Energy resource is one of our timers complete with MUSIC.  
Activities include:  
Starter Task: Thinking Skills question on energy transfer  
Activity on on energy transfer in the body.  
Thinking Skills activity on energy transfer with everyday devices.  
Choice of two YouTube clips on the two practicals mentioned above.  
You may conduct one of these experiments yourself if you so wish.  

Energy Transfer