This is FULLY ANIMATED  introductory lesson teaching the pupils the different types of graphs that we use in science. By the end of this lesson pupils will have an understanding of the different types of graphs and would have practiced constructing a series of line graphs. Graph paper is included and one is differentiated for the lower ability including a brief mark scheme to guide them. For the more able a pie chart has been included for practice.  
This resource pack contains: A PPT (23 slides) and handouts (3 sheets) .  
Activities include:  
Starter Task: Thinking Skills question  
Explanations and example of a Bar chart, different examples of line graphs and a pie chart (all are non specific). Pupils will be asked to complete plotting activities based on non specific data provided to them as a means of practicing the construction of a variety of line graphs.  
Plenary (Exit task) : this is our [Interactive Emoji Selector]( resource which is alone worth £3!  
In our lessons, all key words are added to our [KS3 Science - Scientific Vocabulary A-Z](

How to Draw Graphs


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