This is a FULLY INTERACTIVE resource that has been professionally designed to spark debate surrounding the United Nations Declaration for Human Rights.


Included in this resource is a worksheet that pupils can either use to formulate questions that have been generated by the Debate Generator or to write bullet pointed answers. It is suggested that these be printed as A3 handouts.


The PPT slide can be copied and pasted into any lesson or can be used a s a stand alone resource. Click on the spin button to start the selector and the stop button to stop it. You can reset the selector at any time to restart the process.

The prompts in green are the easier words, the colours will vary as the prompts get harder (from green, to yellow, orange or red).


The red prompts are the most difficult questions to answer/formulate.


There are 16 different human rights in the selector that have been summarised from the United Nations declaration of Human Rights which contain 30.


Human Rights Debate Generator