Who is responsible for Jesus' death? his includes two of our resources...

**: last week of Jesus’ life & Church celebrations**
**The Death of Jesus CSI  ( This is designed in the style of a Murder Mystery Investigation )**

Could be used with KS3, 4 and 5

Our <a href="https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/easter-jesus-death-11546137">Death of Jesus Character Fact Files</a> would be the perfect accompaniment to this resource!
This is a FULLY resourced Grab &amp; Go Easter resource that can be taught over two hours. Let your pupils take ownership of their lesson with this Easter CSI on the last week of Jesus life / The Easter story 
Included in this pack is a PPT (33 slides) &amp; Work Booklet ( 28 sheets)
6 Biblical study ’witness accounts’ of the Easter story ’
Last week of Jesus’ life event matrix
Suspect report cards
Evidence Chart
Final Report worksheet
2 TeachElite timers
Opinion line activity

**Easter: last week of Jesus’ life & Church celebrations**

This is a placemat that I have blown up onto A3 paper that pupils are able to detail the last week of Jesus life. The Thinking Skills statements need to be cut out and sorted in order of occurance, Pupils must then try to link the passion of Jesus to the Easter celebrations in Church today. 

Jesus: Last Week of His Life CSI


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