Never plan an evaluation skills lesson again with this Evaluation Skills resource. All you have to do is enter the topic and let the pupils do the rest.

Starter: Debate generator. Our debate generate is packed with 60 generic topics for discussion. Simply click the spin button and stop button to select a topic.
The class can then be divided into two to discuss the + & - 
Add your topic and statement/ question to slides 10 & 25. This will introduce the pupils to the topic and remind them of it when they come to plan.
Pupils have doodle note sheets to make notes as the lesson progresses should they wish.
Pupils watch a clip of how to structure paragraphs with the PEEL framework. 
Pupils are given two frameworks to use WAWOS and SONIC (Lower Ability pupils)
There are some general rules of thumb for evaluation questions (this is explained)
Pupils are taken through how they should divide the time given to them when answering such questions.
There is a planning sheet that can be given for each evaluation question.
Pupils are also give a marking framework to use during a peer or self assessment (your decision which assessment is used here)
There are 6 TeachElite timers in this pack- 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 6 min, 8 min & 16 min.
Plenary: Pupils have a reflective plenary whereby they discuss their learning hurdles.
Homework/Extension : A SMART target sheet has been included in the pack should you wish to ask pupils to fill this out next lesson or for homework (based on their attainment during this lesson).

RE Evaluation Skills