This is a great way of brightening up your classroom for the new academic year. This Religious Education Synagogue Display Pack contains...

* Main Synagogue Objects
* Instruction Sheet
* 2 Synagogue Plan Sheets
* Display Signs
* 2 Printing Options
* 2 Sign Options 

***Explanation ***

Included in this pack is signs for the key items in the synagogue as well as images for you to print out. 

It is suggested that you create an outline of the synagogue our of florist ribbon or simply draw the outline with a marker. 

Then print out the items and signs. You can follow the instruction map that is in this instruction handout to help you set up your synagogue  Display..

Please note that you may wish to print out these items on A3 or A4 paper. There are two options for you to use. These have been included as we recognise that there will be different requirements due to the size of your display board. 

Option 1: We have included two items on each page
Option 2: A single item on each page 

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RE Synagogue Display


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