This is a great way to start the year. Get the pupils planning their homework time properly with this Revision planning tool.
Can be used for ANY SUBJECT. Really useful during Tutor time as revision planning too!

Help your pupils make the most of their revision this year by providing them with this pack:

The Revision Pack includes:

Revision & Exam Advice: Tips on how to revise and tips to help them with their exams. Also included are suggestions on revision activities and also what to do during the ‘brain breaks’ in the middle of their revision sessions.
Blank Topic Revision Sheet: They can add all topics that they have studied for their subject here. This is designed as a handy checklist for teacher and student to monitor progress.
Monthly Planning Poster: Print this out for your students as an A3 sheet and they can plan their revision and this on their walls at home.
Weekly Reflection Sheet: This is a handy tool to use as a reflection on their work’s revision. They can recode what they did well and what they need to work on.
Growth Mindset Placemat: This is designed to help students have a positive mental attitude when it comes to performance and exams
Revision Planning Mat: This is designed to break up each revision session into 5 minute chunks to help pupils find revision more manageable.
Revision Mats: Use this for individual topics to record key words, important information, summarise info, Key thinkers and dates, evidence to support the topic such as quotes etc and, + & - of a theory and most importantly possible exam questions.