End of Year  Awards Assembly/Tutor Time

This is a fully editable summer / end of term / end of year assebly  PowerPoint with MUSIC. It is great for the last assembly before the end of term. It is designed to award academic excellence and to add a bit of fun to the end of the year.
The PowerPoint consists of over 40 slides with 16 award categories with award category slides left blank for you to add your own should you so wish. Following each award category slide is a 'Winner is...' slide where you can add a picture and insert the name of the pupil onto the admission ticket. A tutorial is included with this PowerPoint should you need it. Alternatively, if you do not wish to add your own pictures, the admission ticket can be pasted onto the 'Award Category' slide with the name of each pupil typed onto it.  
This is a really fun end to the term-we really hope you and the pupils enjoy using it.  
We hope that you enjoy this resource!

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Summer / End of Year Assembly


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