The Trinity ( Christianity )


This is a Grab & Go Lesson! Zero prep. It is the 5th in the series of resources we are creating for the new RS GCSE. However, it can easily be used with KS3.


This Trinity pack includes: PowerPoint: 20 slides Resource Booklet: 5 Sheets.


This Trinity lesson is designed to be an introduction to the concept of the Trinity.


Starter activity: Pupils are tasked with making an acrostic poem based on prior learning of three key words.


Summarise Task: Pupils are given information about the Trinity and asked to summaries this on an A4 map. There is also a link to a youtube video on the Trinity. They will then be required to condense their learning even more into one paragraph.


Religious Vocabulary: Pupils have opportunity to use the Religious Studies Vocabulary Booklet to add any additional Key Words they learn during the lesson.

Homework Activity: To research facts about Jesus in preparation for their next lesson.


Plenary activity: Tweet it.


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